TT Farm


Frequently asked questions on TT Farm and FTT.

1. What is TT Farm?

TT Farm is a DeFi project built on the ThunderCore blockchain. On TT Farm, you are give the opportunity to purchase all kinds of cute and interesting animals to bring you extremely high returns!

2. How to purchase animals from the TT Farm?

To purchase animals from the TT Farm, you will need to have some tokens and TT in your wallet. To purchase the animals, you will need to have any one of the following tokens TT-BUSD, TT-USDT, TT-USDC, TT-HUSD, TT, FTT and you will need TT to cover the gas fees. Please refer to the user guide for more details.

3. Do I get back the amount that I spent to buy the animals?

No, the amount you spent is the cost to purchase the animal. The animals that you purchase will have their own produce. When you claim the produce, you will receive TT as your return.

4. How do I calculate my returns?

The returns are shown on the UI (User Interface) of each animal. These returns shown will fluctuate according to TT's price. The APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is shown on each animal. Calculating your ROI (Return on Investment) may not be the most accurate method to determine profitability as the APR percentage is calculated annually.

5. How do I make a profit from the animals?

Refer to the APR and returns shown on the UI of the animal that you're interested in. To determine the profitability of the animals, you will need to determine the cost and compare the amount that you receive as a return.
To learn more, visit our Medium article: "How to Maximize your Profits on TT Farm"​

6. What happens if I forget to collect to calculate my animal produce?

There is a time limit to be able to collect the animal produce. The time limit differs for each animal and will be shown on the UI of each animal, Remember to collect your produce within the time limit. If you forget to claim your produce - it will get expired!

7. How often are animals released?

We release new animals every week, join our Telegram to get access to the latest animals on TT Farm!

8. Can I buy the same animals?

Yes, you may buy the same animals. But each user is only able to purchase 1 of each animal at one time. You may purchase the same animal after the same existing animal dies.

9. Where can I get FTT?

FTT can be purchased on TTSwap, learn how you can purchase FTT here.

10. What's next on the TT Farm?

The TT Farm Team is working hard to add more products and updates to our existing DApp and at the same time, we aim to improve the overall experience for all users on the TT Farm. More periodic updates are coming soon, stay tuned!