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Farm Thunder Token (FTT) - Initial DEX Offering on TTSwap


Farm Thunder Token has officially launched on DEX TTSwap! With this IDO, all users are able to freely exchange and purchase FTT with any of the tokens listed on TTSwap. This has been a long development process and we're very happy to receive all the support from our community! ❀️

Airdrop to celebrate πŸͺ‚

In order to celebrate the launch of FTT's launch, we will be hosting a 50,000 FTT Airdrop Event, check it out for more information!
To participate in this Airdrop event, remember to purchase the 5 Airdrop animals to be listed on August 19, 2021
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Benefits of Participating in the IDO

After you've got your FTT from TT Swap or from the Airdrop event, don't forget to add the liquidity for the pool FTT-TT to earn passive income on the liquidity provider fees that you accumulate. By becoming a liquidity provider, you will also be eligible for the IFO on RAM Protocol, coming soon!

Hold FTT for VIP benefits πŸš€

Remember to hold your FTT and regularly purchase more FTT to become eligible for more VIP Benefits and features on TT Farm, coming soon!
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Benefits of Participating in the IDO